Ronald Lang

Ron has held senior management positions in engineering, manufacturing and finance at American Optical, Beckton-Dickinson and Digital Equipment. He was Chief Engineer for the Apollo Space Suit, Portable Life Support Backpack and the Lunar Lander Environmental Control System.

Until 1971, Ron was President of the Biomedical Systems Divisionof United Technologies Corp. In 1971, he led a management buy-out of the company and founded Vanguard Medical Systems Corp. which was acquired by Beckton-Dickinson in 1974. Ron has lectured extensively to banking, legal and professional organizations on the subject of business turnarounds, corporate re-engineering and management exit strategies. In 1994 he formed a syndicate of “angel” investors who have taken positions in, or acquired, the assets of over a dozen companies. Additionally, Ron serves on the Board of Directors of numerous corporations.

He attended CCNY (BME), Columbia University (MEE) and Baylor University (Physiology).