Sometimes the best plans don’t quite work and management priorities quickly shift from the joys of strategy and vision to the urgency of survival. When you need positive cash flow NOW, Ron Lang and associates can deliver. RLA has the ability to rapidly deploy a team of seasoned turnaround professionals to immediately begin crafting a solution with all stakeholder groups.

  • Our analysis will identify products that should be discarded or need improvement processes that need improvement and specific plans to optimize the operation.
  • Our analysis will include an objective assessment of management capabilities and motivation.
  • Our implementation plan will address shortcomings in personnel deployment and skills to ensure the organization is well equipped to continuously improve their practices.
  • We will work closely with our clients to implement our recommendations so as to ensure a successful transition from our consulting intervention to the client’s day-to-day operation.

The objective is to right-size the organization and equip it with the right amount of talent and knowledge to be successful. A cohesive and well thought through organization structure will result in better decisions and increased profitability.