Strategic Planning

RLA designs and facilitates strategic planning sessions to assist clients in establishing long range goals and objectives and the strategies to achieve them. The steps we guide you through include:

  • Profile Business/Product Portfolio
  • Identify the company’s mix of businesses or products by their strategic position.
  • Market Dynamics - Understand the market(s) size, growth rates, customers’ driving forces, and technology tends.
  • Market Segmentation -Define the markets in ways that render a strategic advantage to the businesses or products.
  • Competitive Positioning -Develop strategies that give the businesses or products competitive distinction.
  • Milestone Development - Establish the actions required to achieve the expected outcomes.
  • Resource Allocation - Define and allocate the resources required to affect the developed strategies.
  • Measurements - Define the appropriate metrics to determine effectiveness.
  • Accountability - Establish clear and agreed to actions with appropriate functions/personnel.
  • Rewards - Develop compensation systems that reinforce the strategies.