LEAN Operations 

Lean Operations is a methodology that focuses on eliminating waste. By eliminating waste, whether you are a manufacturer or a service company, you can achieve better quality, improved customer service and profitability. The Lean concept was pioneered by Toyota, but has been applied in a multitude of industries and non-manufacturing companies.

  • Waiting
  • Overproduction
  • Excessive inventory
  • Transportation time
  • Over Processing - duplicate data entry, inefficient stocking
  • Unnecessary motion by people and machine
  • Correction of defects or service errors

Let RLA assist you with the five principal steps utilized to improve your process flows:

  • Identify the activities that create value
  • Determine the major steps to deliver that value
  • Eliminate non-value added steps
  • Ensure product and service availability based on customer demand
  • Continuously improve the processes

We can help you achieve success in the above areas by creating and implementing a comprehensive program based on the following six steps. Each of these steps will be custom tailored to your process and personnel’s capabilities as well as remaining within the scope of your businesses mission statement.

Educate Senior Management: In order to succeed in any lean enterprise it takes a total “buy in” by senior management. RLA experts will train and educate the senior management team in the benefits and processes necessary to achieve total support prior to any LEAN undertaking.

Conduct Brainstorming Sessions: The first step in the creation of an effective Lean Plan is to brainstorm with key personnel to identify areas of deficiency in the seven types of waste above. RLA will proctor efficient and productive sessions and document and disseminate the information presented in all areas discussed.

Communication: Getting the word of change out companywide is one of the most important tasks in Lean Implementation. All concerned throughout the company need to be constantly kept in the loop and allowed to comment and feedback on all changes to the infrastructure and processes that are proposed.

Creation of Lean Teams: RLA will assist in the creation of Lean Teams in key areas that will be responsible for the elimination of waste and the addition of value. We will also monitor individual team progress and mentor all members as needed.

Training: Once specific areas of waste and programs to eliminate them have been identified by the Lean Teams, RLA will provide all necessary training to execute the new programs and processes. This includes educating the workers and managers as to the relative and necessary benefits of the changes.

Implementation: At RLA we don’t just write reports and publish plans. We stay on through the entire implementation of our plans and process improvements and work alongside our Clients resources to insure a proper and efficient transition to improved value, elimination of rework, on time delivery and major quality enhancement.